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What is this cult?
We worship the old gods so to some they are considered evil.

Who are the old gods?
Individuals turn deliberately to worship of the Old Gods out of spite when the individual feels other more mainstream powers have mistreated them. Anarchists also sometimes turn to worship of the Old Gods out of a desire to destroy the world; some believe a new, better world will rise up in the wake of the destruction.

Who is the Dark One?
That is not for you to know or say!
C'Thun and Yogg-Saron are the only Old Gods whose names are known. Yogg-Saron remains imprisoned beneath Northrend but C'thun has been awakening for some time... The Dark One is who we worship but you are not worthy of all knowledge yet.

We are building an army. We shall live off of the magic the Dark One channels to us in his eternal slumber. We need loyal members who we can trust and train to be a part of this elite organization.

                                                                                         Prophet Ambroscus

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New site for the Cultists?

Ambroscus, May 12, 10 2:42 PM.
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